Collaboration & partnering

Would you like to collaborate with us? you add value for agile and modern organizations? Contact anyone in the core group and we'll co-create around it.

New tools ?

We are open for experiments, we are curious about new people tech. We are very picky on what to include. You can contact us with ideas and suggestions.

Hot topics ?

We love those, and we are very picky. We want to cross borders between HR, agile, lean, digitization, marketing, communication, finance, modern people science, service, design, IT. We prefer something concrete, because we already heard a lot of BS.

Confuse us. Challenge us. Wow us.

Speaker or looking for speakers ?

Shout out loud if you’d like to speak at our event!
Need an agile/lean or modern HR speaker? We can find you one.

Hosting events ?

We need available conference rooms, coffees and lots of love. Would you want to provide us with Yours? As a hosts you’ll enjoy our company. Because you’ll learn with us, laugh with us share with us.

You want to give us money ?

We love that. And we are very picky.
We will have opportunities for sponsoring.
Let us know if you have ideas.

Any revenue & profit are used to cover costs, expand the learning.


We know, or we know people who know, and they know people who know. So ask us!
Can you help us find agile finance people? we have had difficulties identifying agile CFO’s or controllers beyond our own orgz’s. We are afraid they are stuck in budgeting, long-term planning and reporting.

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